Saturday, December 18, 2010

GSL 3 Final Match Results.

oGsMC [P] 4 vs 1 TSL_Rain [T]

Round 1: oGsMC
Round 2: oGsMC
Round 3: TSL_Rain
Round 4: oGsMC
Round 5: oGsMC

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ea Games Sale!

Here's a bit of good news for those of you who own an iPad or iPhone and enjoy playing games on them. EA Games has officially dropped the price of almost every one of their games down to 0.99USD to celebrate the holidays, and that's over seventy games! If you haven't logged into the iTunes app store within the last few days then you might want to go take a glance while you still can, because with the games usually costing between 5-10USD this is one hell of bargain. In this entry I'll be listing my five favorite iPad games currently on sale from EA, in no particular order. You can also click on their images to be taken directly to EA Games' game info page.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kratos announced for Mortal Kombat (9)

Following in the foot steps of the Soul Calibur series, the newest Mortal Kombat game will feature the 3rd party character Kratos from the God of War games. He's fit with his own move sets and fatalities, and comes with a God of War themed stage. He's been announced as PS3 exclusive and it's unknown yet if Xbox will have it's own unique character.

You can watch the trailer here

As for the game itself, it takes place after Mortal Kombat Armageddon and during the time period of the first three games, although with a different scenario. It will feature 3D graphics but play on a 2D plane. It's rated M and be available on the PS3 and Xbox360 with PC as a possibility.

Mortal Kombat plans to hit stores April 2011.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


If you don't know what Lexulous is then chances are that you've been living under that rock for a teeny bit too long. And unless you're lichen then that isn't terribly healthy. But I'll explain what it is just for those potentially unhealthy lichen-humanoid hybrids that could inhabit the internet. There are a lot of weirdos on the internet nowadays, after all.

Chances are that you might know Lexulous by its former name, Scrabulous. It's a neat little online game that's not unlike Scrabble, with its own community website. The game was added to Facebook as an application way back in 2007 and quickly became the most popular game on Facebook. Then in 2008 it got taken off Facebook and the website was shut down due to copyright infringement laws. Yup. Hasbro, the owners of Scrabble, were pretty much pissed. This was probably because they didn't think of the idea themselves, as they were too busy making twenty million retarded variations of Monopoly that nobody cares about.

Anyway, later that year Scrabulous won back its rights to keep the game if it changed the rules and its name. Thus Scrabulous became Lexulous and returned to Facebook as one of the most popular and more mentally stimulating games available. Now you can even play it on most phones, including the iPhone! There's no Droid support yet though, and the iPad runs it in iPhone view but the chances are that they'll pick up on that and make updates and changes soon.

So if you're after a good old fashioned word game, or some poor soul to terrorize with vicious winning streaks, then check out the links below.

Lexulous community site

Lexulous on Facebook

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow the Pixels

Pixels represent many things in life but for the majority of us gamers they tend to represent the crappy graphics of yesterdecade versus the '1337' graphics of today. Unfortunately these were also some of the best games that were ever created, in a simpler time filled with simpler people and less demand. Nowadays it's all about who has the most pixels and the best graphics, most gaming companies don't give two tosses about the storyline or the length of the game.

Hello, I'm Pixel and there's only one of me. Not even the Magnavox Odyssey could boast such limited pixels, even with its timeless classics like 'Win'. I'll be joining Springy-B in his journey through games and movies and other such crap that's semi-related. I'll be sticking to indie, retro and yesteryear's classics with a touch of mainstream thrown into the mix.

If anyone has any suggestions, insults or ideas for articles then feel free to hurl them my way. I'll do the best that I can, but remember that there's only one of me.

Monday, December 13, 2010


It's Monday again. On my last Monday post I asked for ideas on what my Monday posts should be called. Only one person answered so there is it. (Although slightly different so I cannot be sued later.) Still open for ideas though! SO POST SOME >:O

I had an eventful week. If you've read the past few days you'd know I had a friend under go surgery. She's doing great except she keeps losing at online scrabble. She responded to you nice followers but it was buried by new posts, you can read it here if you missed it.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

My top 5 favorite video game bands.

Anyone who's played a variety of games knows that there are some amazing songs and sound tracks that go along with them. A lot of the times the track is used in the game and then forgotten, wasting a ton of musical talent. So today I'd like to share some bands that dedicate their careers to recreating and playing video game sound tracks. This is my top 5 favorite video game bands.

#5: Power Glove
Everyone who's familiar with Nintendo knows the Powerglove and how it's so bad. So it shouldn't be a surprise that this power metal band chose to name themselves after it. They're best known for playing classic Nintendo themes, but they also have branched out into cartoon theme songs such as The Simpons and Pokemon. To promote their band, the members created a video game of their own. You can find that here. Be warned though, the creators are a big fan of Nintendo Hard.