Saturday, December 18, 2010

GSL 3 Final Match Results.

oGsMC [P] 4 vs 1 TSL_Rain [T]

Round 1: oGsMC
Round 2: oGsMC
Round 3: TSL_Rain
Round 4: oGsMC
Round 5: oGsMC

  • Round 1: Rain tried a one base all in. MC easily defends by using phoenix to pick up siege tanks while his immortals broke down the bunker contain. After losing his initial army, Rain rebuilds and tries another push but loses and GGs.
  • Round 2: MC opened up many tech paths early on off one base. Rain bunker contained MC is his base but MC was able to distract Rain with Dark Templar drops long enough to get enough immortals to break out. The Dark Templar drops and Collossus + High Templar armies proved too much for Rain, and he GGs.
  • Round 3: MC scouted Rain early and saw a two Barracks opening. After killing the probe, Rain cancels his Barracks and went for a Banshee rush which catches MC off guard. After holding off the banshees, MC holds against a number of Rain's pushes, and eventually builds up enough units to counter attack, but loses his army and GGs
  • Round 4: MC proxy Pylons and builds a Gateway inside Rain's base at 8 supply. The early Zealots kill many SCVs but Rain manages to hold out until MC brings in his first Stalker. The marauder can no longer kite and is killed, and Rain GGs.
  • Round 5: MC goes for a 4 Gateway early push at the same time Rain goes for a blue flame Hellion drop. Rain kills off almost all of MC's Probes, but MC's force is too much for Rain to handle and GGs. Rain may have given up early because he could have lifted his Command Center up and killed off the remaining Probes with his Helions, forcing a draw.
Welp, that's it! This was the last GSL tournament of 2010. The next season date hasn't been announced yet, so be sure to stay updated because they tend to move quickly. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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