Friday, December 3, 2010

Starcraft 2 GSL 3 Ro8 lineup and Ro16 results.

Day 1 
IMNesTea [Z] vs MakaPrime [T] : IMNesTEA 
ST_GgoBooGie [P] vs TSL_Rain [T] : TSL_Rain 
BitByBitPrime.WE [T] vs TSL_FruitDealer [Z] : TSL_FruitDealer 
TheBestfOu [T] vs HongUnPrime.WE [P] : HongUnPrime.WE

Day 2 
MarineKingPrime.WE [T] vs LeenockfOu [Z] : MarineKingPrime.WE 
oGsMC [P] vs ST_July [Z] : oGsMC 
PoltPrime.WE [T] vs LiquidJinro [T] : LiquidJinro 
IMmvp [T] vs choyafOu [P] : choyafOu

  • There a balanced racial break down this time: 2 Zerg, 3 Terran and 3 Protoss.
  • NesTea and FruitDealer, both previous GSL winners are still in the running.
  • MaineKingPrime is GSL 2's semi finalist BoxeR aka FoxeR.
  • LiquidJinro is the only non Korean player to ever make it to the round of 8.

Round of 8 will take place on Dec 06, 2010 19:00 KST (GMT+9) and as always, be streamed at gomTV.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai

Wtf noob this isn't about games. SHUT UP voice in my head.

I watched the trailer for the new Power Rangers series and I'm not sure exactly what it was but I was actually glad. Like any kid of the 90s, I adored the Power Rangers and watched them every day. I collected the action figures and even had a blue ranger costume at one point.

But like everyone else, I grew up and stopped watching. I think I tuned out right as Power Rangers Turbo started airing. I've check back in every once and a while for nostalgia's sake, but I only saw a rape of the original series. Dino rangers in space? lol no. (Or whatever the hell it was) Like most awesome things of the 90s, it had been turned into a money cow.

So imagine my surprise when I go to turn off the TV in the living room and see a commercial playing for the newest installment to the series "Power Ranger Samurai". It was like watching the original series all over again. Action? Yep. Cheesy ass catch phrases? Yep. Messages about believing in yourself? Yep Original theme song? Yep. And what's this? It's actually made by Saban? I'm not even embarrassed to say it, I am totally watching it when it airs.

So check it out! Unless you were born after 2000. Then go away.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Player earns 650,000 USD playing MMO "Entropia Universe"

I'd never even heard of the game Entropia Universe until a few days ago. After hearing that a player named Neverdie sold a piece of land in game for 650,000 dollars, I quickly started looking into it. Apparently it's an MMO that features a real economy. You exchange real money for Project Entropia Dollars, or PEDs, which can be cashed back into real dollars at anytime.

So how did this player manage to earn over half a million from playing? Back in 2005 he purchased an asteroid for 100,000 USD and over the years slowly built on it and turned it into what he calls "Club Neverdie". Other players pay him PEDs to be able to hunt or mine on his property and other rent small areas for themselves. He reportedly earned back his 100,000 after 8 months. He then sold Club Neverdie for the 650,000 dollars.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Review] Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

Today I'm going to be reviewing Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage, an RPG for the Nintendo 64. I know what you're thinking. "Holy shit, N64 has an RPG?!" Sure does, and it's surprisingly good. It features 14 different characters, hours of gameplay, very in depth story line, a huge world to explore, fully customizable character development with few limitations, 3D strategic combat, and potentially insanely hard battles with PERMADEATH. So why the hell haven't you heard of this game? I don't know, it has one of the longest titles ever. But seriously, I can't really tell why this game isn't popular. Maybe because the first hour is boring and hard to figure out, I don't know. Let's get into it then. It's long so be prepared.