Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am so happy to see Conan O'Brien back on TV. His new show Conan is hilarious. He hasn't missed a beat, it's like he never took a break. You could air Conan as Late Night and you'd never tell the difference. 

Anyone that hasn't already, I urge you to check it out. It airs at 11pm on TBS, right before George Lopez, who is equally as hilarious. 

Fun fact: Lopez's show was moved back an hour to make room for Conan. At first this seems hypocritical since this is the reason Conan left NBC. But Conan actually refused TBS's offer, saying he wasn't willing to do Lopez what had happened to him. Only after Lopez contacted him and persuaded him to do the show, did he finally accept. 


Unlogic said... [Reply]

Conan is awesome ! :D

textileengineer said... [Reply]

can't wait for next week!

Gansita said... [Reply]

When I go to the gym I see many ads from that show. Actually I wasn't aware about what was happening with Conan, I just saw a few shows at NBC. But good thing he's moving forward, he has angel. So, 'til next week, right? I'll check that show out. =)

Astra said... [Reply]

i hope conan is great :)

Brandon said... [Reply]

I'm glad too, love Conan

Chuck McElroy IV said... [Reply]

I used to like Conan back in the day

ArchiePattersons said... [Reply]

Conan's back-- with a vengeance! Good to have himback in the limelight where he deserves to be. TV wouldn't be the same without his comedy and, most importantly, his wisdom.

Galwarrior said... [Reply]

Nice Post

Plastic Currency said... [Reply]

I caught his first show, and it was the best

Just Call Saul said... [Reply]

can't wait until the next update

DIY Fixes said... [Reply]

that's very interesting

RoodNverse said... [Reply]

i used to love his old stuff very funny , now its on the very funny channel hmmm...

KTOTHES said... [Reply]

I hope him well on his new gig. He is a good man.

Sinisa said... [Reply]

We all love conan :-)

Kartoffeln said... [Reply]

O'Brien seems a good guy

Randy said... [Reply]

i like it!

Robert K. said... [Reply]

this brings back memories!

Personal Injury Database said... [Reply]

great design btw

SC2 Strats said... [Reply]


I love conan!

hippilazma said... [Reply]

you are right but conan the barbarian is better

Apps Master said... [Reply]

yeah I'm agree with hippilazma

rebekillah said... [Reply]

I used to like Conan

Yllsa said... [Reply]

Haha i just cancelled my cable yesterday >_>

Jurba365 said... [Reply]

he is alright! said... [Reply]


Astra said... [Reply]

Glad to see co co is a good show

ModerneFusion said... [Reply]

Conan's the man, what a gentleman

Carlton Banks said... [Reply]

this one piqued my interest the most

What is this? said... [Reply]

that's pretty cool

Are you serious? said... [Reply]

wow, thanks for sharing this

PhonesLand said... [Reply]

Interesting, thanks for letting me know

Mike Barnes said... [Reply]

this is a good follow up to your last post

Happy Daze said... [Reply]

this is quite interesting

Wait what? said... [Reply]

nice, I'm looking forward to the next one

Just do it said... [Reply]

haha, nice!

Do Not Want said... [Reply]

great, I like this

nick said... [Reply]

yeah he puts a great show

Kenneth Gibson said... [Reply]

that's really creative

Classically Trained Nub said... [Reply]

Yeah I love Conan, but Lopez is pretty meh in my opinion.

zon said... [Reply]

Lopez knew it would be better for him in the long run. He doesn't deserve a show like Conan does, and Conan can compete with the rest of the programing in the time slot.

Dan said... [Reply]

Man, there is too much crap with all these time slots. At least Conan seems to be a nice guy. Same can be said for Lopez too!

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