Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like linear RPGs? Try this game "The Linear RPG"

Taking the term linear to an extreme level, the Linear RPG cuts out all the crap that bogs down normal RPGs (like graphics and gameplay and characters) and just gives you a story line and a line to follow. And by line I mean a line. There's no exploring, just follow the line. The game knows you just want to know how the story plays out. It also fights the random battles for you.

Controls are simple. Right progresses the story, left backtracks. HP meter is the top left, EXP is the top right, and your level is at the bottom. The text you can barely see in the background is the story line. The dots are inns that restore your HP.

Have fun grinding levels by pressing left and right a bunch of times.


Buff Drinklots said... [Reply]


HondaX said... [Reply]

intersting post...

Swift Love said... [Reply]

lol, I want to try this

tigey said... [Reply]

Its nice, but not that great

About Insurance said... [Reply]

very good stuff!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

lol I might play it hahahah

RatsRunThisTown said... [Reply]

I kept dying too easily ;_;

Cunning Linguist said... [Reply]

nice, can't wait for the next update

TechnoMac said... [Reply]

well pretty linear i guess haha

Brandon said... [Reply]

Haha nice, funny concept

Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

that's very interesting said... [Reply]

WOW, very linear indeed.

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

thanks for sharing!

MacPCharmony said... [Reply]

this is cool

textileengineer said... [Reply]


Gansita said... [Reply]

The trick is going back and forward to gain experience, cool game indeed. =)

RoodNverse said... [Reply]

lol funny its like ff13

Astra said... [Reply]

looks like a great game!

dous said... [Reply]

Awesome link, bra

ModerneFusion said... [Reply]

Cool title, straight and to the point... GET IT!?!? ;) LOL i crack myself up. Okay i stop.

Secret Guide to Shaving said... [Reply]

I remember those RPGS from wayy back in the day. They didn't have graphics and were all turn based and text based.

Saul Goodman said... [Reply]

lol, I'll try that game

Mr. Knowitall said... [Reply]

thanks for sharing

Les Payne said... [Reply]

that's very interesting!

Kartoffeln said... [Reply]

I need more dimensions, at least 7.

Sinisa said... [Reply]


Apps Master said... [Reply]

i'll try this :) nice post

Yllsa said... [Reply]


Saliva said... [Reply]

game is great!

jura1991 said... [Reply]


rebekillah said... [Reply]

I might play it

Philosophical Jibberish said... [Reply]

wow, that's cool

Classically Trained Nub said... [Reply]

Wow, I'm gonna get my buddy so he can see this. He's always complaining that games are too linear.

I be ragin' said... [Reply]

that gives me something to think about

Life of Leisure said... [Reply]

nice, thanks for sharing

Geeked Out said... [Reply]

very interesting... thanks

Coincidence or not said... [Reply]

that's good to know

Fat Stacks said... [Reply]

looking forward to your next update

Jurba365 said... [Reply]

interesting, thanks

TechnoMac said... [Reply]

yea lol im still enjoying it

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Bookmark for when i have time to kill, like right now

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