Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Follow the Pixels

Pixels represent many things in life but for the majority of us gamers they tend to represent the crappy graphics of yesterdecade versus the '1337' graphics of today. Unfortunately these were also some of the best games that were ever created, in a simpler time filled with simpler people and less demand. Nowadays it's all about who has the most pixels and the best graphics, most gaming companies don't give two tosses about the storyline or the length of the game.

Hello, I'm Pixel and there's only one of me. Not even the Magnavox Odyssey could boast such limited pixels, even with its timeless classics like 'Win'. I'll be joining Springy-B in his journey through games and movies and other such crap that's semi-related. I'll be sticking to indie, retro and yesteryear's classics with a touch of mainstream thrown into the mix.

If anyone has any suggestions, insults or ideas for articles then feel free to hurl them my way. I'll do the best that I can, but remember that there's only one of me.

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