Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pixel's Update

This is an update as the title suggests, as I've been slacking off in the posting side of things. Instead I've been buffing up my artwork for both Springy's blog (this one) and my own blog, KillThePixie. Unlike Springy I'm no good at the advertising and social aspect side of blogging, so my blog basically just leeches viewers off his.

Anyway, I've updated my 'posted by' image for this blog and the general theme, style, banner, etc for my own site. I'll be updating Springy's banner as well at some point, just to make it slightly more aesthetically pleasing. The theme of it is great, and the dice will stay the same... but the text and the spacing of it could use a bit of an overhaul.

The games I've played this week are:

World of Goo: This is an addictive game. I've finished it once before, but had to start a new game when I got my new Macbook Pro. If you ever get a chance, download the demo or get a full copy somewhere. It also recently came out on the iPad as well.

World of Warcraft
: I'm not a fan, but every time a new expansion pack comes out I'll play it for awhile, until I get bored at least. I'm waiting for Springy to get off his lazy butt and come play with me, because romperstomping on my Worgen Hunter solo gets old after awhile. I'm usually retarded at the game, and suck at finding people to party with.

The Sims 3: I've never been able to play this before, my older Mac wouldn't run it. It's a pretty decent game but I already own the console version which is identical to the Mac and PC version, sans all the expansion packs and player made mods that you can download online.

Spore: It was in the bargain bin at EB Games so I had to grab a copy. All the expansions, which are very few compared to The Sims, were also in the bargain bin. It's a pretty decent game and runs natively on the Mac just like the others I've listed.

Lexulous: Springy kicked my ass recently, and it was an amazing word too. We try to play a few games a week but he gets bored, there's only so much NOT SCRABBLE that he can play. Whereas I could go on for hours. It's all about stamina! Anyway, the hilarious screenshot of his victory can be found here. It does have a curse word in it though, so don't click if you're sensitive to that kind of thing.

Have a great Christmas, everyone. Being from Australia, mine is already over. Thankfully the hangover's gone too!

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