Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday: The not Tuesday update

I'm not sure where to start this week. This week's title is brought to you by The Game Store Guy. Again, slightly different so I cannot be sued for royalties later. I should really come up with a catchy name so I can make an icon for it or something.

Speaking of that, I got a new banner a few days ago. Pixel made it for me. :D She also made the banners inside each of our posts that identify the author. The blog get's slightly less ghetto each day!

We made a page about us! It's been up in the bar for a while now. You should go read it here. Really go do it.

I had some awesome ideas for later on in case I ever get super popular. I wanna sell 20 sided dice, except they're printed with 2-21, because they're +1. Get it? You can roll a natural 21 AND deal one more damage when you throw them at your DM for being a dick. (Stop hiding the rolls, there's no way I can fail THAT many spot checks.) I could sell a few I think.

Also check out this T shirt idea. It's only in it's rough design but I think it looks awesome considering I made it in MSpaint. It's right there! >>>>

You'd buy it, don't deny... I'd buy it. I hope no one tries to steal my design before I have to chance to raise my blog to a million hits a day in order to sell these. I don't think MSpainting a copyright will stand up in court, especially since I was drunk and spelled it Copywrite. Hmm...

Now for the stuff people actually want to read. No, I'm not linking another website. wtf?

Actually I don't have any small random gaming content this week, instead I'll give you a preview for what's coming for later on this week. These will be -my- only up coming posts until after Christmas.

[Review]Amnesia: The Dark Decent
I've played Silent Hill, I've played Siren, I've played Thief 3, I've played F.E.A.R, and I've played Condemned. I thought I was past the point of where video games could scare me, and this game did. And I don't mean "jumpy" or "startling", I mean outright scary. It keeps you on edge the entire game and does a very good job of never letting you feel "safe".

This took me a while to beat because I could only handle playing it 30-40minutes at a time, and a lot of that time was spent hiding. D: This game really made me feel like a pansy. If you're into scary games and wanna give this a try before I review it, you can get the demo of the game for free here. It's for PC and Mac and has low system requirements.

Holy shit, a game that runs on Mac? 

Things I wish I knew when I first started Blogging
This will be a fairly long entry of random things I wish I knew when I first started blogging. Since half my blog readers are bloggers themselves I figured I'd try to share the things that have helped me. There's not much else I can say about it really. It will be things from HTLM coding to gadgets to how to advertise your blog, and advertising ON your blog. It might have to be split up into different posts.

What a lame Monday Update :( Except for the T shirt, that thing is awesome, right?

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