Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday! Uh, yep.

Nobody suggested a title for this Monday. Oh wells. Christmas is over with so it's back to regular postings.

I got some pajamas and some other clothes for Christmas. I haven't had pajamas since I was 12, they're awesome. I also got Cataclysm. I'm not sure if my first impressions are good or not. My main is a paladin and every expansion Blizzard redesigns the class and I don't feel like relearning everything.

Flying around Azeroth and riding seahorses is cool though. The new area is really pretty but swimming plus fighting gets annoying. I like how no one even tries to PvP in the water.


I still have my Review of Amnesia coming up, I would have done it before Christmas but it took longer to get screen shots than I thought it would because I was scared. Part 3 of the blogging tips is coming too. It'll talk about advertising types and companies and whatnot.

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