Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still nothing new.

But that won't stop me from writing. Gotta fake that content m I rite?

First, since everyone asked about it, I made the Paper Bag Monster for fun and considered using it for Halloween, but didn't.

I really want to work on making the blog more visually appealing. I'd like to make a banner but I have 0 photoshop skills. Oh well. I'd like to edit the layout a bit but it's to remember everything I learned about html in highschool. I seem to remember us using THIS website a lot so I'll probably just look for neat things there to copy in and get instant results with little effort. WIN.

I'm also trying to play through a couple TG-16 games and do something on those. Playing through and getting screenshots is taking more time than I thought it would because I spend all my time playing LotRO registering for school and working at home.


ModerneFusion said... [Reply]

I'm on the same boat as you man. No photoshop skills or anything, but know what kind of design I want lol. A banner will definitely make it yours.
And I have just posted the BAng BAng Girl vocal only song on my post if you still want it :P But it's pay to download amazon ;O

HondaX said... [Reply]

heh very interesting...

Hiphop Rising said... [Reply]

talk about your new jellyfish

Come At Me Bro said... [Reply]


Buff Drinklots said... [Reply]


TechnoMac said... [Reply]

well yea i guess! post about your thoughts

Luigibomb said... [Reply]

haha, playing Lotro is tons of fun.

Jesson Balaoing said... [Reply]

great post bro

Dan said... [Reply]

Haha just throw something together. The neat thing about your blog is that it is yours and we are here for your crap- whether it be writing about nothing or looking at your PS skills on a banner for your blog. Do it up.

Also, I totally remember that HTML site from like 8 years ago....

Gansita said... [Reply]

I suggest you to star doing tutorials about Photoshop, I can remember the first thing I do in Photoshop was thunders, very ez, but I was exited when I did it, lol.

Brandon said... [Reply]

I'm with ya, zero photoshop skills

Classically Trained Nub said... [Reply]

Dude...htmlgoodies? Brofist! I used that site for everything back in the day. Anyway, if you need help with a banner, I can give it a shot. I got mine looking fairly decent finally.

Joey Lazlo said... [Reply]

There's nothing like a blog to bring out the creativity eh? Have fun with it dude!

Kartoffeln said... [Reply]

I also recommend some photoshop tutorials, are really easy and the results are quite good.

McSnitches said... [Reply]

I understand completely, probably have to hire one of my arty friends and pay them in beer.

RoodNverse said... [Reply]

ya i only have some... but goto youtube , tho it miss or hit usally said... [Reply]


rebekillah said... [Reply]


About Insurance said... [Reply]

cool update, can't wait for more!

Fuuuuuuuu said... [Reply]

thanks for sharing this!

Swift Love said... [Reply]

good stuff! XD

MacPCharmony said... [Reply]

that's a pretty good update there

amidoinitrite? said... [Reply]

hehe, nice!

Astra said... [Reply]

i stopped playing LotRO

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