Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog Destroyer.

As you should know by now, I've been putting my blogging time into working on the blog instead of making actual content. This post is no exception. But I do have a little something special for ya. All this hard work* I've done, I'm going to let you destroy it all.

I do have content in mind though, this is just a cleaver distraction. Anyways, whatcha waiting for? Get to shooting.


Controls: Arrow keys move the ship, space shoots, escape closes it.

Post your high scores! For the next few days I will have extra posts showing on the front page to allow for extra points.Destroying the picture of me should be worth extra.



Digger said... [Reply]

that's awesome! i just destroyed your blog, it gave me like 1000 points lol

Sinisa said... [Reply]

hehehe nice...

Much Poopies! said... [Reply]

this pretty much works for me.

smoochies n' poopies. :*

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That was really fun man ! ":D

level85nerd said... [Reply]

hahaha funny game :D:D

timeline1992 said... [Reply]

lol , so awesome , how did you do that xD

Kartoffeln said... [Reply]

Nice, enjoying this destruction!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Love it! Good work!

jura1991 said... [Reply]

i like your design..

MarkoManager said... [Reply]

Interesting post...

Yllsa said... [Reply]

This is really well done man!

caretaker said... [Reply]

Interesting post...

Copyboy said... [Reply]

THAT IS AWESOME!!! You are brilliant!!!!

dee jey said... [Reply]

interesting post

tigey said... [Reply]

Had fun playing it

hippilazma said... [Reply]

haha funny mate

zon said... [Reply]

hahaha i found this and used it on facebook for a while.

godaddy said... [Reply]
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SWTOR News said... [Reply]

That is really clever!

kushman said... [Reply]

That is really cool!

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